Please note that colon irrigation is only a well-being treatment and is not intended to address any health problem such as constipation, bloating or any other discomfort of the abdomen. You will not treat nor cure any disease by doing this type of treatment. Thank you.

Colonic, a very old method

Four hundred B.C., Hippocrates recommended cleansing the intestine in case of fever.

At the end of the XIX Century, colonic hydrotherapy really became known through the work of Dr. Wood, chiropractor-physician in the United-States.

Nowadays, several of the world's leaders in the field of health, such as Dr. Jensen, American nutritionist and Dr. Kousmine, specialist in degenerative illness, recommend colonic hydrotherapy.

A completely gentle treatment

Colonic hydrotherapy is a technique which gently cleanses the colon. Filtered water circulates in the colon using a sterilized double pipe cannula. The cannula permits the water to enter and then channels out the evacuated waste in a sealed pipe, so that the treatment is odourless.

While the water circulates, you could proceed with abdominal massages, which have the effect of dislodging colonic deposits, without the need of the person to move, hold the liquid in or force.

Colonic is not painful. While slight cramps can occur, they are only like those felt during normal intestinal evacuation.

At the time of an irrigation, it is not necessary to get undressed. A large towel entirely covers the stomach and the legs.

A colonic does not require that you have an empty stomach. However, the irrigation will be more complete and effective if the two or three meals before the treatment are made up of fruits and foods rich in fiber, since these accelerate intestinal transit time.

A normal session lasts about 45 minutes.

Frequency of sessions adapted for each case

The number and the frequency of the irrigations needed is highly variable, depending greatly on the person. Generally, for personal well-being, a number of sessions are recommended, several times a year.