Nadia Lalancette_

I am 32 years old and for many years , I feel tired. I caught several viruses , including one causing me a viral meningitis. I eat fairly well and I always played sports , but I could never have an adequate level of health to follow the pace of modern life. I started down several leisure activities and not to lose my life energy. I consulted many doctors and even a psychologist, not putting aside the mental aspect of my condition. For two years, my digestive problems had become ubiquitous . Spontaneous vomiting , abdominal and intestinal cramps , causing fatigue, irritability and despair !

I even consulted a gastroenterologist who made me pass tests for gluten intolerance . The result was negative. Another doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories for my muscle pain. In short , the main problem that led me to colonic irrigation , it was constipation. Since I 'm a cure depth against the parasites combined with colonic irrigations . The result is that my energy level was not so high since ... I can not remember when !

My skin has returned dew is not as dry as before . My muscle pain is almost all parties. My thoughts are clearer, my attention level has improved , I am more patient and less irritable . Therefore, colon irrigation treatments combined with a cure against parasites , supplements, non- soluble fiber and non-lactic bacteria helped me regain optimal health.