Our mission

We are a Canadian corporation that includes therapists who have received adequate training in colonic irrigation. Our members must adhere to a strict code of ethics. You have the assurance that their practice is safe and their services meet high quality standards.

C.C.H.C.C.'s mission is to supervise the profession through strict regulations in order to better serve and protect the public. C.C.H.C.C. supervise his members's professional activities and promotes the development of their skills threw trainings and market updates.

Main goals of the CCHCC

• Gather therapists trained in colonic irrigation .

• Promoting colonic hydrotherapy to the public and therapists.

• Providing the best training to members.

• Ensure the application of professional ethics.

• Providing the public with quality services, integrity and honesty of its members.

• Creating an internet referral for members.

• Becoming a united professional association.

• Providing professional equipment at the best price.

• Providing the best tools for our members.

• Be affiliated with an international organization like APITMN