• Who we are

    A corporation consisting of experts colonic irrigation. All our members must adhere to a strict code of ethics. You have the assurance that their practice is safe and their services meet high quality standards. … [+]

    Who we are
  • a healthy lifestyle

    Regular elimination of the large intestine should be part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to point out that the colon is responsible for removing 70% of the waste from the human body. It is therefore vital that it empties regularly to prevent … [+]

    a healthy lifestyle
  • The colon, an unknown organ

    The large intestine, called the colon, has two distinct functions: waste disposal and the reabsorption of water and some minerals. Day after day, stress and toxins associated with our modern diet, refined food and low in fiber, slowdown the … [+]

    The colon, an unknown organ

Join the ranks of CCHCC

Joining the CCHCC is to benefit from the strength of a group in addition to boost their business with the tools and professional services offered by the corporation.

The role of probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are oral , intestinal and vaginal flora. Their presence can counter the proliferation of … [+]

Sterilization of instruments

Any colonic irrigation practiced by a certified hygienist member from the CCHCC meets strict hygiene rules. Sterilization of instruments or … [+]

A personalized approach

A dirty bowel usually requires several sessions. As it is impossible to predict in advance the number of colonic irrigations required, there … [+]